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I first contacted Catie before my oldest son’s wedding. I knew how I wanted to look, but I was clueless as how to get there. Catie is an artist, and a gentle and loving one at that. You have to trust someone who is going through your closets and discarding your past. Catie won’t make you into someone you are not, but by studying you and knowing you she will allow you to become all you can be. I have so much more confidence now as I go out into the world, be it to a meeting, on a date with my husband, to a fancy formal occasion (which I no longer dread) or even just sitting around the house. It’s a joy to be in a room and look around and know that I’m looking good. I never felt I could say that before. It makes life more fun and allows me to engage with confidence. Catie has a sharp eye and impeccable taste. Trust her, even if at first you are doubtful. As my now second daughter-in-law said to me when I showed up for dinner the night after my first shopping trip with Catie, “Wow, you look like you just better.” That says it all.


It is not often I take the time to write a testimonial, but then again it is not often that I am so thoroughly impressed with purchases that I’ve made.  Ithaca, New York has its fair share of charms, but high end fashion is generally not one of them.  That’s where Catie and her clothes from J. Hilburn come in.  When Catie first told me the price of her suits and dress shirts, I thought they seemed very reasonable (almost too good to be true), but was worried I would be forced to give up some quality.  However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Now, I pick my J. Hilburn suits every morning over my Hugo Boss and Versace.  The J. Hilburn suits and shirts just feel and look better.  The feel comes down to the incredible quality and material from which the clothes are made.  However, the fit is all thanks to Catie.  Her dedication to making sure you get the exact fit you want is simply unparalleled.  I can be a tough customer to deal with at times.  However, Catie patiently worked with me to get all my measurements right.  Beyond just the sizing, she also took the time to understand my own sense of personal style, and went out of her way to make sure I was completely satisfied.  Perfection is not a term I use lightly.  However, I can’t think of another word to describe the customer service I received from Catie, and the clothes I received from J. Hilburn.  They both really are simply perfect!


Catie has conducted workshops three times for MBA students at the Johnson School of Business. She speaks in clear terms to men and women about the importance of fit and of choosing clothing suitable for different kinds of workplaces. She is able to offer suggestions to students based on their budgets and is sensitive to cultural differences and to our emotions about our appearance. Students seem to especially value the short 1:1 meetings that Catie offers with her workshops. I’m sure that she would make thoughtful adaptations to her presentation to graduate business students such that any audience would benefit. She is warm, confident, energetic, and practical, and she wants all of us to look our best!


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